Your Security is Our Priority

Your Security is Our Priority

Delivering Innovation and Expertise

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Your Security is Our Priority

Mission Statement

We deliver agile and responsive solutions to protect and advance the goals of our customers through the collective power of human intelligence and digital technologies.



Combining our expertise with our clients’ needs and wishes, we perform services and deliver products which optimize operations.



Our seasoned, trend- and tech-savvy experts stay several steps ahead of the latest security threats by designing state-of-the-art solutions.



We treat our employees, partners and clients with the highest level of respect while performing our duties ethically and cost-efficiently.



For more than a decade, businesses and Federal agencies have turned, and returned, to JFL because of our commitment to their well-being and prosperity.



It’s never “just business” for us. In ensuring the security of our clients’ operations, we’re working in tandem with them to build a better world.

Who We Are

Who We Are


While our people are passionate about their expertise, they’re also consummate pros who show up on time, deliver on promises and act professionally under any circumstance. Most importantly, they take a holistic approach, weighing risks vs. rewards and are mindful of how their analyses and solutions fit into a client’s big picture and bottom line.


Because technology and security threats change almost daily, we need a “crystal ball” to predict what ill-intentioned parties might do tomorrow, next month or next year. By analyzing historical and current trends, our teams continually update their threat-reduction models to detect problems before they happen. Our clients, in turn, are prepared for just about anything.

Problem Solvers

No challenge is too big for JFL. We’ve partnered with Federal agencies and businesses large and small, always offering speedy, cost-efficient solutions with long-lasting positive impact. We also listen closely to our clients’ needs, desires and concerns, ensuring that each solution abides by protocol and vastly improves operations.

Subject Matter Experts

JFL’s seasoned experts are among the best in the business. We hire exceedingly smart and creative people well-versed in both traditional and cutting-edge security threats. And they’re passionate, not only about their expertise but our clients as well. They stay on top of tech and threat trends so that, as collaborators, they build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Words from the Founder

I am proud of the company and diverse culture we have created here at JFL. As a military veteran invested in the security of our nation, it was important to build a threat mitigation business that rewards ingenuity and forward thinking — bringing the best strategies and expert solutions to our customers.

John F. Latuperissa
CEO and Founder

Meet our Team

Rob Hackworth
Chief Technology Officer

Chris Malvitz
Chief Information Security Officer

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